The Lighthouse (Robert Eggers, 2019) Canada | USA

Reviewed by Kaio Farkouh and edited by Rachel Clyde. Viewed at the Cannes film festival.

After his debut with the horror-period film “The Witch,” director Robert Eggers is back with another hit. “The Lighthouse” premiered in Cannes, and after 5 hours in line to watch this movie I can tell you that it was worth it. Robert Pattinson and Willian Dafoe play light keepers who take care of the lighthouse for 4 weeks. Due to weather problem the ship that was supposed to pick them up never shows. With that, the characters have to manage to live with each other and survive the madness and insanity on an island.

Screened in a frame 3×4 screen and black and white, the movie is gorgeous. It is outstanding what Robert Eggers has done with only two movies in his short history as a director. The way he coordinates the scenes and lighting of the movie is amazing. It gives a sense of darkness and mystery in the characters. The first hour of the movie kept me wondering what is going to happen and what is the director trying to show us. The film depicts a relationship similar to roommates, however it is a toxic relationship, where there is no trust in each other.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the movie is funny, but it is still definitely not a light movie. Dafoe is very funny and he has very good chemistry with Robbert Pattinson. The first hour of the movie sets a tone that is totally different from the second hour of the movie. The second hour of the movie is just madness and probably the craziest thing that I have seen this year so far.

Pattinson is outstanding. Once known for his role in “Twilight,” he might be one of the best actors working today. If you haven’t picked up with his work, I recommend checking out “Good Times” and  “High Life.” Recently cast as the new Batman, Patterson does an incredible job. It is truly amazon that his character has from the first hour of the movie to the second hour of the movie. You can clearly see his improvement since the “Twilight” series.

“The Lighthouse” is an outstanding movie where light is used not only for the photography of the movie but the story itself. A buddy-psychedelic story with two amazing performances that will drive you crazy. However don’t expect this movie to be a conventional horror movie with jump scares. This is a must watch.


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