Charged ( Phillip Baribeau ,2016 ): USA/Mexico

Reviewed by Martha Castaneda at Santa Barbara Film Festival 2017

Many people have said that curiosity killed the cat.  Well curiosity almost killed Eduardo Garcia.  Life is about all the choices we make during our life time. Eduardo made the wrong choice to investigate a dead animal.  This film is about the struggle and the pain Eduardo had to experience and endure. The graphic photography was excellent in viewing his injuries all over his body and head.  During his stay in the hospital Eduardo kept a stiff upper lip.  Eduardo was narcissistic. His pride , his humor and his love for an active life led him to a road of success. Eduardo HAD a wonderful friend ( Jennie ) without her; his recovery would have been HELL.  She played a positive role , during this horrible time.  I honestly feel that Jennie got the fussy end of the lollipop at the of the film.   This is low budget film and they used several formats in filming this movie. I found this very disturbing.  The sound track stay in sync with the cuts, but the editor fell in love with his footage.  The photography in the hospital and in Big Sky Montana were great.  As for the story I guess it was inspiring.  There were parts of the film I did not care for,  especially the part about his father. This man did not deserved Eduardo’s  forgives. I have seen other films with the similar  story, their hardship, failures, and success.  This film lacks imagination.

As an opening film for the Santa Barbara Film Festival I was DISAPPOINTED.



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