AFI Filmfest Hollywood 2009 Film Critics

AFI Filmfest Hollywood: 2009
October 30-November 7, 2009

AFI Fest 2009 film critics and reviews:

Anaiya Mussolini
Brian Livesay
Candice Field
Conner Emery
Dru Radovich
Emily Day
Guy Dolev
Jackson Bishop
Juana Silva
Lava Farmer
Lea Encarnacion
Linda Ersbacken
Lisa Blondell
Mishone Feigin
Tamara Mamukelashvili
Zachary Mcclellan
Zi Huang

Nico Maestu (Faculty Advisor)



Film Review Club: Reviews of current film releases, streaming films, and revivals by student members of the SBCC Film Review Club.

Film Festival Course: FS108: Film Festival Studies: Santa Barbara International Film Festival and AFI Fest: Hollywood (2 or 1.5 units). Field course at film festivals to study U.S. and international fiction, experimental and documentary films.

Contact: Prof. Nico Maestu ([email protected])

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