AFI FilmFest Hollywood 2019 Film Critics

AFI Filmfest Hollywood: 2019
November 14-November 21, 2019

AFI Fest 2019 film critics and reviews:

Jacob Baldwin
Brittany Carriger
Shayne Casso- Cloonan
Spenser Chalkley
Manuel Davila Gomez
Jeremy Ellison
Kaio Farkouh
Romaine Fike
Gordon Gerbitz
Charlene Huston
Natsuna Kikkawa
David Mansourian
Alejandra Melchor
Ethan Messecar
Ian Overton
Ryan Quinn
Luther Richert
Diego Riker
Gabriel Spironelli Gottardi
Mark Wang
Christian Waters

Nico Maestu (Faculty Advisor)



Film Review Club: Reviews of current film releases, DVDs, and revivals by student members of the SBCC Film Review Club.

Film Festival Course: FS108: Film Festival Studies: 10-days or 5-days (2 or 3 units). Field course at film festivals to study U.S. and international fiction, experimental and documentary films. Fee required.

Contact: Prof. Nico Maestu ([email protected])

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