AFI Filmfest Hollywood 2010 Film Critics

AFI Filmfest Hollywood: 2010
November 4-November 11, 2010

AFI Fest 2010 film critics and reviews:

Nathan Coleman
Emily Day
Jeremy Delbianco Mulkey
Thomas Gilbert
Tyler Gilbert
Lawrence Gleeson
Paula Gomez
Samuel Gonzalez
Yuichi Kasamori
Sandra Landzelius
Latoya Livingston
Tamara Mamukelashvili
Samuel Mcatee
Carolina Soto Lobos
Paulina Soto Lobos
Ryan Wolfe

Nico Maestu (Faculty Advisor)



Film Review Club: Reviews of current film releases, DVDs, and revivals by student members of the SBCC Film Review Club.

Film Festival Course: FS108: Film Festival Studies: 10-days or 5-days (2 or 3 units). Field course at film festivals to study U.S. and international fiction, experimental and documentary films. Fee required.

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