Santa Barbara Film Festival 2008 Film Critics

Santa Barbara International Film Festival: 2008
January 24 – February 3

List of all reviews from SBIFF 2008

Audra Arraya
Sam Baumgarten
Beau Brigham
Kyle Calbreath
James Chambliss
Keith Chancey
Travis Farmer
Richard Feilden
Reed Griffin
Thomas Kaier
Sherri Kardell
Matthew Littlejohn
Paul Lucky
Karina Munoz-benalcazar
Chris Read
Travis Rennacker
Josh Solodon
Rebecca Solodon



Film Review Club: Reviews of current film releases, streaming films, and revivals by student members of the SBCC Film Review Club.

Film Festival Course: FS108: Film Festival Studies: Santa Barbara International Film Festival and AFI Fest: Hollywood (2 or 1.5 units). Field course at film festivals to study U.S. and international fiction, experimental and documentary films.

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