Sixteen Legs ( Niall Doran and Justin Smith , 2017) : Australia

Reviewed by Martha Castaneda at Santa Barbara Film Festival 2017

This film rated 5 stars in my book. Sixteen legs is must see!  The title, location, photography, special effects, music and dialog were all fantastic.  Sixteen legs was filmed  in Tasmania, an  island south of Australia . My husband and I will be  visiting  Tasmania in May and this is the reason why I wanted to see this film.  The photography and special effects were excellent. The filmmakers knowledge of the subject ( Cave Spider ) was educational and extremely captivating. These spiders are giant and prehistoric  creatures ; their life cycle was extremely interesting . The film covered their lives from birth to adulthood. The film cleverly filmed their mating process. Imagine these giant spiders mating.  Sixteen Legs is the perfect Title.  Their habit is located in dark caves and it can be difficult to reach.  The journey into the caves was amazing.  On route the film crew photographed awesome shots of others cave dwellers. The photography on the glow worms on the cave walls was beautiful.  There must have been thousands of them, one would think you are looking up into the sky and viewing the Milky Way.  I experienced finding glow worms in the mountains here Santa Barbara and they were amazing . It is hard for me to imagine thousands.  The dialog was done with perfect diction and captured your interest throughout the film. Plus as an extra bonus, the filmmakers added soft music and  special effects. Over the years I have viewed several documentary but this film is the on top of my list.




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