Gaviota the end of Southern California ( Shaw Leonard 2016) :USA

Reviewed by Martha Castaneda at Santa Barbara Film Festival 2017

O’ So beautiful is the California coast,

It’s no wonder why we all want to live here the most,

As we all came from so far yonder,

with our lives lasting so much longer,

Our influence has grown so much terribly stronger,

Instead of living with all God’s beautiful creatures,

We’ve selfishly destroyed natures most incredible features,

Sadly, of all natures beauty, wild and unkept,

Only 22 miles of Southern Cali’s coastline is left,

From the ocean floor to the mountain tops the impact we’ve had is completely obscene,

Animals and plants are going instinct never again to ever be seen,

If things do not change and habitats kept clean,

Our kids will not see it unless only in dreams,

California’s last stretch of coastline pristine with Gaviota as its name,

If any is developed all will be lost, never ever the same,

Gaviota is a reminder of the wonder nature holds,

Its something we should be able to see and not only just told,

We must stand-up for preservations and animal rights,

For future generations will surely thank us for all the worthy fights.


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