Netflix’s Rise to Success

Paper by Meredith Seyler.

Throughout the past decade, streaming services have gained immense popularity among people throughout the world. One streaming service in particular, Netflix, has become America’s largest film studio with its rise to the top of Hollywood occurring in a remarkably short period of time; by constantly releasing new films. The idea of streaming your favorite films from your couch at home is extremely appealing to people, but Netflix now has competition coming from other studios; such as Amazon Studios. With all of the competition between streaming services and other major production companies, many may wonder if film theaters can survive in the long-run. In my paper, I plan to talk about several topics relating to the issues that Netflix has faced with its feud between the Cannes Film Festival, the competition between Amazon, and whether or not Netflix is negatively impacting the classic film theater experience. I will also be analyzing the Netflix Original film ​Bandersnatch​ ​(David Slade 2018) and how its unusual genre could open up doors for Netflix to create more films that go deeper in meaning.

The creation of Netflix began in 1999, giving people

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Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” and Its Space Age Marketing Strategy

Academic paper.

Films can elicit any possible range of emotions, no matter what. They can make a viewer happy, sad, angry, disappointed, anxious, or any combination of these. However, while this is the main goal of most movies, all movies still have a financial incentive. Creating a film isn’t free, and studios must be paid back by people watching the film. This profit focus has led to studios trying to find the easiest way to guarantee profits, and in the 1980s, they found it. The high-concept movie is a type of film designed to profit by appealing to the largest audience. But in order to reach this large audience, a studio must buy an expensive marketing campaign for the movie. “The Martian”, directed by Ridley Scott in 2015, is an example of a movie with this type of marketing, to extreme effect. “The Martian” was the 8th highest grossing film in 2015. The multifaceted approach to marketing the 2015 film “The Martian” was designed to target both the general science fiction audience and the hardcore fans using creative and varied methods. This unique ad campaign involving social media, short promo

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