Abel (Diego Luna, 2010): Mexico

Reviewed by Samuel Gonzalez. Viewed at the AFI Film Festival, Hollywood.

Abel, directed by Diego Luna is an absolute masterpiece. A film so carefully put together to portray a contemporary broken Mexican family and the effect caused by a missing father figure. In this particular case the oldest young son has made himself believe that he is the man of the house. His character in a rather comical way takes on the father figure responsibilities over not only the household but as well as over the care of his mother and both younger and older siblings.

The cinematography in this film was amazing. In one particular scene the main character played by Christopher Ruiz-Esparza along with his younger sibling played by Gerardo Ruiz-Esparza decide to run away from home after an intense confontation by his father played by Carlos Aragon where he agressively tries to convince the young boy that he is not an adult nor the man of the house and not only that but that he was in fact his father. And as a result the two young boys leave the home to a local swimming pool where it is very clear that they begin to drown. This scene was captured so perfectly and vivid making the audience fill and engage with the intended emotion.

It’s no surpise why “Abel” Directed by Diego Luna and produced by Gael Garcia Bernal has received great reviews at the Cannes, AFI, and Sundance Film Festival. It is an overall beautiful story and outstanding film.

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