The Housemaid (Sang-soo Im, 2010): South Korea

Reviewed by Tamara Mamukelashvili, Viewed at Mann’s Chinese 6, AFI film festival 2010

The film The Housemaid is a Psychological melodrama. It is  very character driven and I personally think that is the key  of the film. Character were very well developed and they  all were slightly mentally unstable. Young husband and  wife with one child, wife expecting twins, stays home most  of the time, very clearly represented how spoiled she is  decides to hire new housemaid. Young girl who seeks love.  End up making a mistake and involves herself with the  husband.As the story develops it takes us on a journey that  step by step shows the the characters emotional stage.

This film had very effective visual elements. Especially the opening scene which set the mood immediately. Camera shots are very intense and unpleasant, with lots of jump cuts , birds eye view that helps audience to be aware of all the actions around, how different they are and how significant they are. The film from the beginning to the end is a circle which makes the  story-line very crucial and  charismatic. It also has a comic side by the other housemaid, not through out the film but certainly makes the film more entertaining and at that point helps the audience to take a break and relax. I personally enjoyed the film and thought it was well made, it had its confusing points but it all can be seen from different point of view. Over all it is a very intriguing film.

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