Three Shorts at the AFI-Festival 2010, Hollywood

Reviewed by Carolina Soto. Viewed at Mann Chinese Theater, AFI Fest Hollywood.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (Dean Fleischer-Camp, 2010): USA

This little short by Dean Fleischer-Camp took youtube by storm. Now at the AFI Marcel got his big-screen debut, and wins for best animated short.¬†Written by Dean Fleischer-Camp and SNL’s Jenny slate, voiced by Jenny Slate.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On is a short movie about a shell with an plastic eye and pink shoes. Marcel is a sweet little shell, that we get to know during 4 minutes, who lives an ordinary life, with friends visiting, hobbies and sadness (like many others, Marcel really wants a dog but can never have one).

Marcel is very creative in this big human world. With a creative look, and a tiny little mouth that moves during the interview. With Marcel’s cute voice, and perspective of the world, the little shell also got to charm a crowded movie theater.

How can you not like this little shell called Marcel with pink shoes?

Don’t miss this cute stop-motion short, out on youtube now!

Sacramento- A Family Fable (Michael Bodie, 2010): USA

Already when the christmas song is played in the background you know that this short movie by Michael Bodie is dealing with a strange situation.

When Daniel’s sister picks him up with the car at christmas time, he want to get his old dog back. What surprised him is that his dog died long time ago. Driving to their mother’s house he starts to dig in the yard after his dead dog. Suddenly he got other, bigger worries.

Sacramento- A Family Fable out on youtube now, letting everyone to dig into this family drama with rare happenings.

Some Boys Don’t Leave (Maggie Kiley,¬†2009): USA

Director Maggie Kiley, came up with this short movie when her friend sat on the floor in her apartment. From that the idea grew to a short story about a boyfriend who broke up with his girlfriend and he won’t leave the shared apartment. With this short, Maggie Kiley prepares for a feature film.

The boyfriend (played by Jesse Eisenber) refuses to accept the break up, and doesn’t want to move out of the apartment he shared with his ex-girlfriend. All he do is sitting on the floor, doing daily stuff like eating all the meals of the day, talking to his ex, playing with a ball and writing in a book. There is only one thing left for the ex-girlfriend to do to get rid of him, to get the break from her ex-boyfriend.

This short movie was really interesting, and shows a different situation in the daily life. Considering that she at a short course learned filmmaking, this career seem to be bright for her.


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