Two Gates of Sleep (Alistair Banks Griffin, 2010): USA

Tamara Mamukelashvili, Viewed at Mann’s chinese 6, AFI film festival, Hollywood

Two Gates of Sleep is a film about two brothers going on a journey to honor the last request of their dead mother. The film has a very slow phase and some critics might say the story doesn’t develop enough. Yes it is a hard movie to stay tuned and try to follow what’s happening as the story-line isn’t as effective as its cinematography, which is the key to its success. The cinematography of this film is very unique and crucial. Even though it doesn’t always fall into the story it always represents something that underlines a sequence that audience needs to be aware of. This is defiantly not a film that would entertain everyone or engage anyone, but I personally recommend young filmmakers and film studies majors to see it.

This film is Griffins first feature film and I think as a filmmaker he did an amazing job. Regarding the lack of development of the story I think this film visually was very engaging and represented a very interesting side of filmmaking.

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