The King’s Speech (Tom Hooper, 2010) UK, Australia

Tamara Mamukelashvili, viewed at Graumans chinese theater, AFI film festival 2010

The King’s Speech was a phenomenal film with astonishing performances by Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush. The film’s genre is stated as History/ Drama which it is but it has an amazing British humor to it that gives brilliance to the film. Personally it was my favorite film that I viewed at the festival. The film is about the King that has a fear of speaking out to people. His wife comes across a therapist who is dreaming to be an actor and as a side job has a title as a psychiatrist. Who happens be a very wise man with some amazing abilities to help the king. The story is very well developed and is very engaging. Has an amazing sense of humor that makes audience more involved with the story. Also the film is very character driven, each character is very well presented with their emotional role.

The films set were extremely well done and believable as well as the costumes, it really makes its audience travel back in that era. Really experienced the time and the characters values back in that time. The mise-en-scene is very effective and follows the story and helps us as an audience to feel more involved with the actions.

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