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Reviewed by Jeremy Del Bianco. Viewed at the AFI Film Festival, Hollywood.

The film Boy written-directed by and starring Taika Waititi is a coming-of-age, comedy-drama set in 1984 in rural New Zealand.  This film was rated the top ten box office hits of all time in New Zealand.

It’s a story about a young child called Boy (James Rolleston) who idolizes both his father and Michael Jackson. Boy who must take care of his brother (Te Aho Eketone-Whitu) as well as his younger cousins, when his grandma leaves town to attend a funeral. Every day Boy waits anxiously for his dad to return home from jail.   Boy’s mother is dead and must fill her shoes.  Late one night boys father pulls up in a hot car and proves to be a handful.  As the story continues we see a building relationship with Boy and his father (Taika Waititi) as well as boys relationship with his brother and his friends.

This film is hilarious and moving at the same time.  Boy’s character resembles that of a child with aspiration who now has to deal with his heroic father.  Boy’s brother Rocky who believes has special powers is a great character, and so is his Waititi who plays the role of the out of control father.  The film also uses simple animation to reinforce the content and emotions.

After experiencing his fathers lack of heroism Boy is forced to forget and forgive his hero in order to find his true potential.  Now that Boy realizes his father is not the one to look up to, he must choose a better path that will determine the man he will become.

Overall this film is amazing and should be previewed at theaters everywhere.  If I were to rate this film it would get a perfect 10.   This corky film is a must see.

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