Blue Valetine (Dereck Cianfrance, 2010) USA

Reviewed by Tamara Mamukelashvili, Viewed at Graummans Chinese theater, AFI festival 2010, Hollywood

The film Blue Valentine seemed different then the other romantic films of our time. It has a  very unique way of representing the two characters lives.  As the film develops it portrays its crucial element of its joyful and memorable flashbacks, which is the complete opposite of their present days. I personally thought film had lack of character development. it didn’t give enough information on the two main characters, and how their relationship started to change. On the other hand I personally thought it is a touching and engaging story, that is represented  by a very unique way of filmmaking.

Mise-en-scene was simple in a way, which made the film as effective as it was. It took the audience on a journey and didn’t have a lot of camera shots or meaningful angles that represented something in particular. which in a way made the audience very engaged to the story and where it was going to take us. I think anyone who wants to lay back and enjoy the film this is the film to watch, that has mainly drama to it but slight humor.

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