Two Gates Of Sleep (Alistair Banks Griffin, 2010): USA

Reviewed by Samuel McAtee. Viewed at AFI film festival, Hollywood.

Two Gates Of Sleep was an artistic film showing the life of two brothers living in a desolate landscape enduring hard times. Although the film has very little dialogue it shows most of the isolation and emotion threw its  cinematography. Throughout the film there are many shots that show the intensity of the emotion of the characters threw close up shots ant the vastness of there environment with very wide sunset or sunrise shots. In the scene where the two brothers are preparing to go  hunting in the beginning of the film there is an apparent lack of connection between the two brothers threw the immense silence. When the “older brother” shoots first and misses the target, then the younger brother caries on to finish the job, you can get a feel of where the brothers lie as far as there commitment. At the midle to end of the film the two characters repeat the same routine as they carry there next task that enevidably drives the brothers to a separation. The film was beautifully shot, with great soundtrack that gave the audience the emotion of solitude, desperation and depression that was needed to describe this story.

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