The Myth Of The American Sleepover (David Robert Mitchell, 2010): USA

Reviewed by Samuel McAtee. Viewed at AFI film festival 2010

The Myth of the American Sleepover is a great depiction of what life was like and what was important to a kid growing up and moving on to high school. There were many stories in the film that anyone of us could relate to. The film really spans the spectrum of the events that define growing up. Throughout the film we see love lost and gained, friendships made and lost, late night bike rides, toilet papering the neighborhood, egging houses, the parties and all the while trying to find a real connection with the people around us. Its a film that reminds us of  how fun it was just sneaking into a pool at night, what a big deal our first kiss was, and how great it is to have real friends.

In the film we fallow four young teens while they spend there last night of summer before starting  high school. There commitment to there oldest friends, the new friends made, and the emotional  connections finally acknowledged. The all first time cast had great screen presence, and the ability to carry out there roles. When watching the film you can see very subtle moments when all the stories intertwine or pass right by one and other. Its a great tactic to describe how little the world we thought was so big really is. With most of the film having been filmed in the rain, it gave a good sense of washing away of the old and clearing the way for new beginings in there lives as young adults. I felt a great deal of connection with the stories told in this film. It did a good job of conecting the heart and mind to the pivotal moments and self descovery that define growing up.

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