Che (Steven Soderbergh, 2008): USA

Reviewed byTamara Mamukelashvili. Viewed at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.

Che is a phenomenal film, which was pretty unexpected from the director of blockbuster films such as Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13. The film is about the history and life of Latin American revolutionary leader Che Guevara, who rejected both capitalism and orthodox Soviet communism. The film is very long, because basically, it’s two films: the Argentine and the Guerrilla. The film is very powerful and clearly represents Che Guevara and the emotions he’s going through.

The film is perfectly edited and highlights all the necessary details that help the audience to develop the character and the storyline. Fidel Castro and Che, when they are on the boat to Cuba, start to plan where to start the revolution. Soon Che becomes Fidel Castro’s right hand and people start to admire him for what does.

Benicio Del Toro did a stunning job as Che Guevara. One of the elements that the director used in the film that it and the character of Che so powerful was the black and white close up shots of hands and face which makes audience to wonder whether it really is Benicio Del Toro or it’s a real interview with Che.

Even though the film is long, it leaves the audience awake with eyes opened; there is a lot of action and a lot of information about his life and every character’s life.

This film is very rich with its enormous performance, great images and storytelling.  It is very artistically done down to every single detail.

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