Creative Review SBIFF 2011 (Kate Martin, 2011): USA

Created by Katharina Martin. Reviewed Santa Barbara Film Festival 2011

Creative Review-Santa Barbara Film Festival 2011

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The Santa Barbara Film Festival 2011 provided me with a lot of insight as both a movie lover and a film-maker. I made this movie as a “Creative Review” of the festival in its entirety. Because it is shot on the cheapest camera money can buy, the quality is not at its best. I also used iMovie to edit. Because of these limitations, I went with a dream-like narrative told from my perspective. I found that I was at the festival non-stop all day, so I concentrated on clocks to illustrate the amount of time this event took (on everyone’s part!). I also focused a lot on the sunsets, as during the festival Santa Barbara was gifted with some beautiful lighting. Again, I was not able to capture this as well as I would have liked. Nonetheless, I think you will get the basic gist of this general review of SBIFF 2011. Enjoy!

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