127 Hours (Danny Boyle, 2010): USA and UK

Viewed by: Demi Mellett. Viewed at the: Santa Barbara Film Festival

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For being based on a true story, the film 127 Hours was miraculous. The action, different angles, and emotion in this film make it fantastic. The film is based on a true story about a man named Aron Ralston, an active and adventurous man who enjoys being out in the wilderness.

Considering the majority of this movie was filmed in a small crevice of Bluejohn Canyon, the director, Danny Boyle, did an amazing job of using such a small place to film. He used so many different and interesting angles and lighting techniques and they all really stood out to me.

Not only was this movie truly inspiring but the director did an amazing job at portraying what being wedged in between two rocks for over five days was like. When Aron Ralston, played by James Franco, was adventuring out in Bluejohn Canyon in Utah alone he came across a big problem. He hadn’t told his parents, co-workers, or friends that he was leaving home or where he was going and ended up getting stuck in a situation that was seemingly impossible to get himself out of. In my personal opinion, James Franco did an exceptional job at playing the roll of Aron Ralston.

This story begins when Aron Ralston goes to Bluejohn Canyon without telling anybody where he is going. He leaves his house and starts his trip by driving to the canyon. Once he gets there, he has a bike, a bottle of water, a video camera, some ropes, and a of couple snacks. He leaves the rest of his supplies in the back of his car not knowing what is about to happen.

While trekking through the canyon, Aron comes across two women who are lost. He helps them find their way and after spending some time together, they invite him to a party the next day. Once they separate, Aron goes on to hike through the canyon. When jostling his way through the rocks of the canyon, he leaps on to a bolder to jump to a lower level of rocks. When he hits the lower rock, it moves and he loses his balance, falling further down than he had intended. On his way down, Aron’s hand gets stuck between two boulders, leaving him out of sight and without the supplies necessary to survive. With an enormous will to survive, Aron tries multiple ways to free himself. Meanwhile, the director invites us into Aron’s more personal life through flashbacks of his past, helping to develop his character even further. Aron’s flashbacks help the audience to emotionally connect to what he is feeling while stuck in between the two boulders.

This film could be compared to the movie Alive. Not only are both based on true stories but they are both about people’s perseverance to stay alive. In the movie Alive, a plane crashes and people have to survive by resorting to cannibalism. The movies remind me of each other because they are both about how the main characters had to survive without resources and help.

This film shows how Aron struggles to stay alive with so little supplies and the trial and errors he goes through to try and get home. This film has won and been nominated for many awards and deserves them 100%. The director did an amazing job of portraying all of the real life events that Aron Ralston went through. I would highly suggest this film to anyone who loves inspirational and moving films.

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