Clash of the Titans(Desmond Davis, 1981):USA

Reviewed by Ron Christianson viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2011

The movie poster from the Original ‘Clash of the Titans’

Medusa, Ancient Greek Goddess of Destruction and Sexuality

The Kraken, one of the Lost Titans

A Classic mythologic film in epic proportion. King Acrisius of Agros locks his daughter, Danae and her new born son, Perseus in a coffin and sends them adrift to prevent a prophecy that the king would die if his daughter had a son with a mortal man. Angry to hear this Zeus kills king Acrisius and releases the Kraken to destroy the city of Argos. Perseus and Danae survive their journey, and end up at the island of Seriphos. from then on, Perseus navigates through waters, over land, and into the heavens with the help of Pegasus, a flying horse.

Adorned with a shield, sword, and a helmet given to him by the gods. Perseus seeks a way to defeat the Kraken, pursue a number of obstacles which he must overcome to appease the gods and triumph over evil. It is a classic story of good prevailing over evil. In the end, all is as it should be.

The special effects were by todays standard pretty cheesy but it is a timeless classic that I enjoyed seeing on the big screen. In 2002, they started a remake project with new actors, new scenes, and new special effects that was released in 2010. This newer Clash of the Titans has a 3D format. The storyline of the newer Clash of the Titans still resembles the original one, but it has changed, and the special effects are much more believable, and unique. I think it does not do the original justice, and would recommend the original 1981 Clash of the Titans, over the 2010 version. I would give the Original version, a solid 10/10 the storyline, and plot, and actors as a Classic movie for all ages.

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