2011 SBIFF Producers Panel

Reviewed by Ron Christianson Viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2011.

An interesting and informative inside view of a Producers perspective of the film making process. Presented by Lynda.com at the 26th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Moderated by the well known L.A. Times film critic Patrick Goldstein. The panel of six talented Award Winning and Nominated Professionals that include;

Darla Anderson of Pixar Studios producer of Toy Story 3, Cars, Monsters INC, A Bugs Life to name a few enlightened the crowd regarding the animation process of today and the differences of the past. She mentions the benefits of having a virtual set opposed to a physical set the advantages to a computer generated leading role with no demands to the cost of a actor and the personality’s that make it difficult for a producer.

(Darla Anderson left)

Iain Canning producer of the Kings Speech spoke about the challenges of making a period movie it is difficult to find financing. He had to have a third party ask the Queen for permission to make a movie depicting the royal family. He received approval to make the film only after the Queen’s death.

(Iain Canning)

Mike Deluca who produced The Social Network, told, specifically how he tried to film the movie at Harvard University and was denied. Filming had to be done at Johns Hopkins and Boston University. Not being a Documentary it gave them the opportunity to not stick rigidly to facts.

(Mike Deluca)

Jamie Patricof producer of Blue Valentine who gave insight to  flexibility to an Independent Film in contrast to a high budget from Pixar Studios. Patricofs film budget was a mere million dollars and took only 90 days to shoot.

(Jamie Patricof)

Finally, Alix Madigan producer of the acclaimed Winter’s Bone, disclosed that convincing the towns people in Missouri that the process of filming would be a positive experience. It was an enjoyable evening full of insight and humor.

(Alix Maigan far left)

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