Rampart (Oren Moverman, 2011): USA

Reviewed by Laura Lopez. Viewed at the AFI 2011.

Rampartis a film about a belligerent cop, Dave Brown (Woody Harrelson), within the Los Angeles’s police force unit, Rampart, that’s virtual morals, values, and actions, well I say atrocious, seizes and ruins his reputation and life. Director Oren Moverman depicted a vexed man working as a cop and trying to sustain a family, and his own intricate life. After a beating a man brutally, it is clear that Brown struggles with retaining from illegal misconduct activities and being an infiltrator. His life and jobs is destroyed when a broadcast of being caught on tape of beating the man, a scandal that the public proclaims his dismissal of his job. Brown enjoys the gratifying advantages of his job and promiscuous activity, but paranoia engulfs his life. Accused of killing a rapist offender, he guaranteed that the offender never hurt another woman, earning the nickname “Date Rape”.  When the scandal reaches to high publicity Brown is left defending himself from the department head officials through excuses of the trial costing too much and entrusts of bad credibility in the investigation of the scandal. After being restricted of working he, with the help of an old friend and mentor for the details, schemes a plan to raid a planned burglary, take the money and cover it up. Each scandal, Brown immerses in extraneous activity sleeping with woman and crashing underground parties, always drunk and delusional to relieve the pain of an inflicted psyche and consequences.

A very gripping film that is fixated on the scandals of the 1990’s of Los Angeles Rampart division. A controversial issue, in reality, that is concealed by police forces all over the world and we the public do not know.  There are scandals throughout this country that have been covered or disguised for the reputation of the police force. This is allegoric film that should be seen of the of corruption and dilemmas within a credible force and man that of indiscretion. A man distraught by his actions left to strive for a better life without the love of his family.


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