Carnage (Roman Polanski, 2011): France, Germany,Poland

Reviewed by Tresor Bayibsa. Viewed at the AFI fest 2011.

  Carnage was a very entertaining movie who showed how adults in relationships can interact with each other & with others. Roman Polanski does a good job in showing us how the relationship of these two couples escalate & takes a turn for the worse when they are trying to do what is best for their children. The boys of the parents are friends but an incident occurred which led to the parents of the boys sitting down to talk & find a solution. However as the movie goes on, the problems the parents are having within their own relationships & the problems they have with the other couple is slowly but surely starting to surface. It is very entertaining to watch how these parents loose track of the main reason to why they came together & are having an all out bitter verbal war with each other. This movie shows that no matter how perfect you might try to seem to others eventually your true colors will surface. That you can only fool yourself to a certain point before other people start to catch on, which will eventually lead to you having to face your demons.

While the parents act that their doing what is best for their children & finally completely fall out of character, eventually you will see that the boys have already settled their differences on their own & are friends again.


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