Butter (Jim Field Smith, 2011): USA

Reviewed by Asante Rose Lewis. Viewed at AFI Festival 2011

Butter was nothing short of a crazy comedy, with a uncanny humor about a couple named the Picklers from Iowa who were the 15 year consecutive better carving champions. When a butter chairman pressures Bob to step down from his legacy and give someone else a chance at glory. His partner decides to take it upon her self and enters the competition to uphold the family name. What she thought was going to be a walk in the park turned into a great competition between worthy opponents.

Jim Field Smith did a tremendous job directing a comedy about a not so common suburban couple played by Jennifer Garner and Ty Burrel, but also showed a sad story about a foster child named Destiny played by Yara Shahidi who only dream is t0 find her mother and passion is to carve butter.

This was a great comedy and a must see upon release it kept me rolling through the film with surprising twist and its about butter if you ever want to see a great comedy you’ll find it in this film, along with a glimpse of the hardships of a young African American foster  child who’s passion for carving butter gets her through each day.

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