Extraterrestrial (Nacho Vigalonds, 2011): Spain

Reviewed by Asante Rose Lewis. Viewed at AFI Festival

For my first Spanish film I give it up to Nacho Vigalondo, Extraterestrial was a great film.  I enjoyed the how the director had a solid and easy storyline to follow. I would recommend anyone who wants to see a romantic comedy.

The film starts of seeming to be your standard sci-fi movie with an alien spacecraft appearing over the city of madrid turned to me a romantic comedy between actors Julián Villagrán and Michelle Jenner who meet each other in this crisis and it turns to a story of lies and deciet between there loved ones.

Nacho did a excellent job of blending the alien ship into a love story. I feel this is a great movie and anyone who likes movies would enjoy watching this film. Though i was really anticipating a sci-fi i was not disappointed with this love story.


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