The Invader ( Nicolas provost, 2011): Belgium

Reviewed by Tresor Bayibsa. Viewed at the AFI fest 2011.

The Invader was a very interesting movie by Nicolas Provost. It showed how our society allows “modern slaves”. This movie shows us what might be going on in our modern day lives without us knowing it. It tells the story about a refugee who ends up In Europe and start working as an construction worker to ensure the safety not just for him but for a ill friend of his. In the beginning in the move the refugee who’s name is Amadou but later goes under the alias Obama, is enjoying his life even though he is aware of his circumstances; being a refugee/ illegal immigrant. Later on throughout the movie, the man he worked for gets rid of his ill friend while Amadou is not present. When Amadou finds out what has happened he gets very upset and is filled with anger. What is worst is that he realizes that to his employer they are only tools that can be replaced just because they are illegal immigrants. Amadou takes off on his own with resolve to be a free man & is willing to do anything to ensure that it happens which ultimately takes him down on a dark path of violence, death & destruction.

This movie was really good because it shows what happens when you push a man who has nothing to loose to a corner & what he really wants is to be able to be treated & loved equally just as any other person.

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