Arirang(Kim Ki-duk,2011)South Korea

This was not a goo film this man was not talking about anything in the film and if i no people that is going to se this i would tell them not to go see it cause this man real has lost his mind he was not talking about anything but about his life and how his films is all bad cause his person almost die on his set.What standed out to me the most was the boy that really wanted him to make moor films he looked u to him so much.

I saw this film in L.A and the director was kim-ki-duk and he just want to do something on life and i did not come together as good as he wanted to so i was just like u were out of it most of the movie.

In the first part of the film this man is just in the hill and this boy comes to talk to him cause he loves his films and the he is just laying down drinking and the boy is trying to tell him to make more and then he was telling the story about why he does no want to make it.

The most significant thing of this film is that this boy loves him to death and he make him think about why he needs to make them and that is a drive todo something in life some times u need that.

This film is not like any films i ever seen cause it made me want to go to sleep and just get mad at the people who made it .So people if u like some stuff that will make u go to sleep go see it.

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