Cadaver (Jonah D.Ansell, 2012): USA

Reviewed by Jesse Deason. Viewed at Santa Barbara film festival.

This animated film starring Christopher Lloyd, Cathy Bates and a true prodigy in fifteen year old Tavi Gevinson who narrates this animated tale of re-animation adapted from a poem, with a rhythm and rhyme reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe. I saw this film early in the Santa Barbara film festival in the Animated Shorts 2.

What could seemingly start out as a horror film quickly becomes a charming love story of an old man,(Lloyd),who although dead and gone has so much love for his very much alive wife is moved to come back from the grave to express his undying affection. From a poem written on an E-mail writer/director Jonah D.Ansell gives us a brilliant short animated film that belies any indication of this being his first stab at the genre. Tavi Gevinson sings Dylan’s “Heart of Gold”  which is what this film has. This was one of the Santa Barbara film festivals best Animated shorts in my opinion of  2012.

A very clever film that is in no way surprising being able to attract the likes of Cathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd to want to be involved in it. Again, like La Luna, also featured in this years film festival, I believe this is an unbelievably good investment of your time. And that would hold true whether or not its viewed in its current state as an animated short or built upon as a full feature film. Watch for Tavi Gevinson this girl is going to be a star.

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