Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee, 2005): USA

Reviewed by Alex Kilauano. Viewed on DVD.

As visually stunning as it is emotionally, Brokeback Mountain remains to be one of those movies that continues to move and open eyes to what love is. Often seen as a “gay cowboy movie”, the film remains to be more than that.

Set in 1963 in Wyoming, two young men embark on an adventure to heard sheep up on a mountain that is Brokebback. Without background of the two the film jumps into their first job together. Their job is only to look after the sheep and take them up as well as bring them back down when told to. In the strange turn of events the two men, Ennis and Jack fall deeply in love on the mountain. Confused about their situation and after a storm that is their emotions of confusion and a snowstorm, they are told to bring the sheep back down mountain. Throughout the film the two men get married and have children and live out their lives as normal people, however with a big secret of having a homosexual affair with each other. The story shows how hard it is at times to not only find love but to deal with being alone and hiding love. The film shows their lives struggles and heartaches while they both grown into old men. While remaining to this great story, director Ang Lee gives the viewer visually stunning cinematography as well as a great love story of two young ranch hands struggling to find love and peace within their selves.

This film is in no doubt one of those great movies a person must see to understand what the film is. Not a gay cowboy movie but a love story that is emotionally moving. Not only one of my favorite films but also nominated for best cinematography, picture, supporting actress (Michelle Williams), supporting role (Jack Gyllenhaal), and actor (Heath Ledger). But also the film had one Oscars for best directing (Ang Lee), music, and screenplay. In no doubt should anyone ever call this a gay film, this is a Oscar winning love story that will always remain more than just a gay cowboy movie.

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