Slumdog Millionaire (Danny Boyle, 2009): U.K.

Reviewed by Joel Pedersen. Viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival  2009.

slumdog_millionaire1The factor that makes a film great is irony. Irony can best be described as when there is a man or women who comes from nothing and when all odds are against them, they still somehow manage to persevere.This is the case of a young man named Jamal in the film Slumdog Millionaire. Against all odds, from corrupt TV hosts to even his own brother, Jamal keeps his goals in check, by never giving up hope.

The movie takes place in the deepest slums of Mumbai, India. Surrounded by poverty, the children have nothing to count on then their own two feet. The movie starts off when the characters are only kid. having to beg for a living. Jamal and his brother Salim are Muslims, so when the Hindu’s attack their slum, they lose far more than just the shack they call home. But through all the chaos and despair, they still manage to make a new friend by the name of Latika. They are then found by a man while sleeping on piles of trash. He is a nice and hospitable man who takes care of many kids in his orphanage. Things are looking up…or so it seems.  After a narrow escape from the harsh reality of the orphanage, Jamal and Salim realize just how easy it is to come by money–all you need is a few foreigners.

Still with nothing on his mind but finding his beloved Latika. Jamal is willing to do anything it takes even if it means defying the gangsters to whom his brother has sworn allegiance. To Salim money is God, but to Jamal, it’s all about keeping his love and his dreams alive. Danny Boyle does a fabulous job in this film that may appear to just be about a popular game show, but really is much more. Love is more important than any game show. 

a. he cheated                                                                                 

b. he’s lucky

c. he’s a genius

d. It is written

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