Get the Gringo (Adrian Grunberg, 2012): USA

Review by Germaine Sims. Viewed on DVD.

Get the Gringo (2012) directed by Adrian Grunberg is a fast paced crime drama starring Mel Gibson doing what he does best, acting crazy.

Post train wreck Gibson co-wrote and produced Get the Gringo.  The film puts an off the rails Gibson back in the driver’s seat as a run away American thief caught at the Mexican border with a stash of stolen cash.   After being apprehended by double-dealing Federales Police, Driver (Gibson) is thrown into a Mexican prison where he must navigate the hierarchy of a crooked prison system.

Get the Gringo returns Gibson to a genre he is familiar with, the buddy film, except this time Gibson’s sidekick is a wisecracking kid who’s seen too much for his own good.  Gibson settles comfortably into the role of a thieving bad guy with a heart, delivering a performance that is both charismatic and relatable.

Primarily set in El Pueblito, a Mexican prison,  the film depicts raw, gritty and visually arresting images coupled with heavy doses of fight sequences.  The violence is given the Sam Pekinpah treatment and is counterbalanced with clever, humor filled exchanges occurring between Driver (Gibson) and Kid (Kevin Hernandez).

The plot is difficult to follow, but who needs to understand what’s going on when the dialogue is so well written.  Right?  The bottom line: the story was interesting, visually arresting and overall entertaining.

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