Sunrise: A song of two humans (F.W Murnau, 1927): USA

Reviewed by Jonas Johansson, viewed at the AFI Fest 2012

When a women from the city moves out to the country side she meets a married man who she starts having a affair with, she talks the man into killing his wife, sell the farm and move with her into the city. They make up a plot for the murder, the man is going to take his wife on a ride across the lake to the city and on the way capsize the boat with purpose and drown the wife so he can later say it was all a accident. The Man agrees to the plan at first but when it comes down to it he can’t follow trough with the plan. The man played by George O’Brian does a phenomenal job portraying the strong emotions his character is challenged with, follow the Man and the Wife reconnect and go on a journey throughout the city. Sunrise is in manny quarters considered the best silent film ever made and I have to say this movie has a special touch to it that catches all your attention throughout the entire movie!

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