Clip (Maja Milos, 2012): Serbia

Reviewed by Robin Eriksson at november 4 on the AFI Festival in Hollywood.

Clip is a movie about a teenage girl (Jasna) that comes from a tough area in serbia. She lives not just in a tough area, but she has a tough life too with a father who is dying and unrequited love. The movie is about her life. Director Maja Milos wants to tell a story about how it might be for some young people today. Jasna likes to record everything around her by using her mobile phone camera. She’s making videos of everything but most of the time she recording herself or the dream boy Djole. Her life is getting worse and worse, and she’s constantly using drugs and drinks alcohol. One day with a little alcohol in her blood, she finally got the courage to start talking to Djole, and he isn’t very interested but then he realizes that she will do anything to be with him, so he starts to use her in many diffrent ways, mostly sexually. Jasna accepts that she is being exploited as long as he wants to be with her. She’s becoming more and more desperate and her life is about to be turned upside down with all the drugs and other crap.  The movie is very sexual and realistic, and some times I thought it was a bit too much. When they start a new scene with a zoomed-in male genitalia it made me raise an eyebrow. But as the director Maja Milos said on the Q&A that she wanted to tell this story as realistic as she could, then she made her point. She really created some questions during this movie and some answers too. The ending of the movie was at least according to my perception a happy one but it still opened up a lot of questions, and I think that was what Maja Milos wanted.


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