Storm Surfers

storm surfers

Reviewed by Thomas Gaglio

Viewed at the Arlington Theater

SBIFF 2013

This film was one of the highlights of the 20 films viewed.  Film maker Justin McMilian and Christopher Nelius didn’t have the comforts of a warm studio to work in, they shot on location in deep water with enormous  waves.  Filmed in 3D made sitting in the front row created a feeling of  being in the water with the cameramen.  World class big wave surfers Tom Caroll and Ben Matson have been surfing big waves for 30 years and the making of this film was the dream of a life time come true. The sound track of Storm Surfers made this film exciting and breath taking to experience. Having surfed waves big enough to crush a house allowed me to reflect on my memory’s of all those moments in my life that made it worth living.


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