Reviewed by Thomas Gaglio

Title; Revolution

Director; Rob Steward

SBIFF 2013

One man can save planet Earth by making a film that creates a movement.   How do we know the health of Earth isn’t dependent on one of the oldest species like the shark. Revolution not only brings attention to different ways we exterminate  life,  from over fishing and carbon  emissions to the complacency of populations.  This easy to understand documentary that director Rob Steward created is a journey around the world filming the natural balance of life on earth.  Our needs to survive as only one of millions of living beings on this blue green jewel with no escape that  we live on.  So when documentary film makers like Rob Steward take years of there lives to craft a mind opening film like Revolution, its time for more new films to emerge with messages of ecology and respect for our home, Spaceship Earth.  Film maker Rob Steward proved that the Canadian film board was willing to finance people with passion and determination.

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