The Passion of Michealangelo


Reviewed by Thomas Gaglio

Title:  The Passion of Michelangelo

Director:  Estaban Larrain

Viewed at the Metro 4 Theater

SBIFF 2013

When a religious event happened in Chile that concerned a fourteen year old boy with the ability to have the Virgin Mother speaks though him.  Faith was restored and pilgrims came from all over the country during a civil war, taking place at this time.  A story of healing, devotion and the belief in miracles made this film a work that clearly defined how easy it is to join a community together and then a country in common need for faith in a higher power. Director Estaban Larrain created with great care a film that hinted to the possibility that the whole truth was in question.  Creating this unique film with the help of the villagers of this Chilean town made The Passion of Michelangelo entertaining and enlightening.

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