Rodger During

Roger Durling

Reviewed by  Thomas Gaglio

Professor :  Rodger Durling

Viewed at Lobero Theater lounge

SBIFF 2013

When Professor Rodger Durling entered the Lobero lounge it was easy to see student faces  come alive with a sense of pride and respect for someone who takes there position in education seriously.  When he began to share the joy of being director of the Santa Barbara International Film festival we could see in his eyes that this event will become one of the prestigious Film Festivals in the world.  Professor Durling and his staff along with the six hundred volunteers contributed unselfishly to the success of the twenty eight years of the Santa Barbara International Film festival. One of the more important topics Professor Durling covered was how the Festival restored the joy of teaching and helping make the SBIFF grow from a little know Film Festival to a grand event we see today.



This sensitive man gives more to student understanding of the structure of film study.


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