R100 (Hitoshi Matsumoto, 2013): Japan

Reviewed by Lori Panossian Viewed at AFI FEST 2013, LA.

On my notes I wrote “WEIRD & RANDOM” and I really think thats the perfect way to describe this movie. Anyone who’ve seen this movie would agree with me.
R100 is a japanese made drama/comedy, directed by the famous japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto.
To say something about the plot without telling to much is hard. I would say that it’s almost two different movies combined into one. But the story is basically about a man who’s taking care of his young son while his wife is in a coma. One day, after many years alone, he decides to join a bondage club, and from there things just escalates.
Since this was the creators last movie, I feel like he just did exactly what he wanted without thinking twice about it. He took his craziest thoughts and combined them all into this great, really funny, extremely weird movie. The humoristic scenes that swings over to the more serious ones is perfectly made. They mention in the movie that the audience they’re looking for are the elder people who has some life experience, and know what kind of crazy thoughts you have during your lifetime.
It’s filmed in a low-key, almost sepia/black&white color.
The critics have different point of views, I can definitely see why. It’s a one-of-a-kind movie.

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