Pickpocket (Robert Bresson, 1959): France

Reviewed by Iku Sato.  Viewed at AFI Film fest 2013.

Pickpocket was made by Robert Bresson in 1959. Before I watched this old French movie, I didn’t have an expectation because our sensitivity always changes with generation. However, Pickpocket changed my stupid prejudice.  Michel (Martin LaSalle) is a reserved young man and he noticed he has a talent of pickpocket. After he noticed it, he repeat a crime and a regeneration. This movie has two amazing points. First, we surprised skills of pick pockets. Kassagi who acted an accomplice is a famous magician in France. He supervised a pickpocket technique and the skill was professional. Second, this movie has an element of a crime suspense. I could spend so wonderful time for this 76 minutes. If I score this movie, Pickpocket is 85 / 100 points.


Director is Robert Breson and he wrote a scenario, too. Leonce-Henri Burel took a charge of camera and their work enthralled us. It’s my first movie to watched in AFI Fest 2013 and after this movie, I watched 11 movies but I got a big impact by this movie. Family, Life, Sacrifice…Pickpocket has deep messages for us.

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