The Unknown Known (Errol Morris): USA

Reviewed by Ryan McEwan.  Viewed at AFI film fest 2013

The Unknown Known, directed by Errol Morris was a very revealing documentary on the career of Donald Rumsfeld. In this documentary Errol Morris interviewed Rumsfeld, putting him on the spot with many events that have happened in history. Now when I think of Rumsfeld I think of a very manipulative man that is very good with his words. It was also interesting how at the end Morris asked Rumsfeld why he was doing the interview and Rumsfeld responded, “I don’t know.”

The lighting of this film was very impressive, with a lot of footage that was actual real events of history. All the events were put in order and it showed how over the years the changes of positions were all connected in a way. The movie was intense, the sound was very loud and stayed with the tone of the movie.

After watching this documentary I was wondering how Rumsfeld could be so casual with these career events, manipulating people that he made the right decision. After Rumsfeld would answer one of Morris’s questions he would casually laugh like there was no problem.

This is a film that I would definitely watch again, and probably will one day watch again. I would recommend this film to all my friends.




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