R100 (Hitoshi Matsumoto, 2013): Japan

Reviewed by Iku Sato. Viewed at AFI Film fest 2013.

“R100” was made by Hitoshi Matsumoto in Japan, 2013. This story is that Takahumi who is working in a furniture store goes to club which is a brothel. This club dispatches strange women and they begin to influence to his family. He tried to cancel a contract but this contract is for 1 year and he can’t cancel. He decide to do a battle with the club. If I grade this film 50 / 100 points.

Hitoshi Matsumoto is a Japanese famous comedian. He respects Takeshi Kitano who is famous comedian and director. However, Matsumoto doesn’t have a talent and I watched his other movies but they were an immature movie. R100 couldn’t get large audience in Japan and many Japanese didn’t be satisfied. This movie got the worst grade in Toronto International Film Festival and I don’t know why Afi fest invited this film.

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