Chu And Blossom (Charles Chu, Gavin Kelly, 2014)

Reviewed by Dennis Hansson. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Chu is a Korean exchange students who arrives to the US to attend  senior year of high school as preparation for his university. School is going well as always but he has hard to find friends, until he one day meets Butch Blossom. A free-minded soul that has his own way of thinking of life, not always the most socially accepted way of thinking, but something completely different from Chu and his cultural values and beliefs, which makes them interested in each other and here a very strong friendship takes its start.

Chu and Blossom was a very entertaining film that had some really great parts. Butch Blossom is a character that I will remember for quite a while that was hilarious acted by Ryan O’nan, who also co-wrote the film. Chu is also a character that is quite memorable, this insecure asian exchange student who finds love and friendship, but has to face the reality of having to leave it all behind him.

I give this movie a 6.5 out of 10, because of the overall feel of the movie. It feel a bit less professional, but it is a funny story that kind of reminds me of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Worth watching atleast!

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