David O’ Russell: Outstanding Directors Award, SBIFF 2014

Reviewed by Angela Yago. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2014.


David O’ Russell is a director who seems to love to talk,

When director of the film festival Roger Durling tries to interview him, Russell just keep rambling on.

He has directed 11 movies, produced 8 films and written 8 scripts,

And now American Hustle is nominated for 10 Oscars.

Russell didn’t go to film school, he taught himself to direct.

And now he has become one of the most essential voices in the industry.

Sees Jennifer Lawrence as a gift to his films,

And I forgot to mention that American Hustle has 45 wins.

David O’ Russell says he’s a late bloomer when it comes to directing a film,

He directed a dark comedy in 1994,

And Spanking the Monkey was the name.

Handheld cameras and Steadicams,

Are some of the techniques he uses.

Durling has interviewed David before,

So there’s no awkward moments there,

However David seems to be taking over the conversation,

And Roger just sits and stares.

Started from the bottom and worked his way to the top,

He started as a waiter and served celebrities,

Now he’s made huge and great films like Silver Linings Playbook.

He imitates Robert De Niro and fools around throughout the interview,

And the crowd keep on laughing.

This interview is anything but boring,

In fact he made me laugh and smile the whole time.

David O’ Russell is a special man,

With great talent.

He really knows how to make a great film,

And works with amazing talents.

That’s why he deserved to win the Outstanding Director Award at the SBIFF 2014.

This interview was my favorite from the SBIFF,

And I will remember this for a long time.

David O’ Russell is an inspiring person,

He talked about very important things to know,

If you want to try to climb up and succeed in the industry.

I will take this with me,

Whatever path I decide to take,

To try to succeed with my dreams.


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