Monsters University (Dan Scanlon,2013): USA

Reviewed by Felice Larsson, Santa Barbara Film Festival 2014.

Pixar-Monsters-University-HD-WallpaperI guess we all remember the two “horrifying” monsterduo  from Walt Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc(2001)? Well of curse. Finally they decided to make another one, but did it live up to the first one? I think that Monsters Inc was so phenomenal It was hard to make the second one just as good.

In this one you fallow Mike and Sullivan before they worked at the Monsters Inc factory as “Scarers” and how they meet the first time. Now they are students at the University of monsters and studying to purchase career as scarer and is not at all buddies. Mike is diligent and ambitious, Sully has inherited his revered father’s name and think it’s enough. That they will pass the course does not seem likely. Because of their hatred and competition towards each other they almost get kicked out of the universitys scare program they now need to help each other out in a competition that can lead to a way back in by competing against some of the schools scariest monster. Everyone needs friends, and no one will win success by giving up – even if it is also important to see its limitations.

I think this “university” thing was good idea but not quite good enough. The story line  isn’t that’s strong even if they weigh up with some funny comments. Sadly but true. Even tho I am a Disney lover I would’t recommend this one.


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