BFF’s (Andrew Putschoegl, 2013) | USA

I had heard rave reviews about BFF’s even before I had seen it, but I don’t think a single person in the theatre knew what kind of a treat we were in for. In a day and age of cookie-cutter generic buddy comedies, this film actually took a worn out genre and breathed into it knew life. I don’t think I’ve laughed at a film this much since bridesmaids came out a couple of years ago. I literally was laughing out loud the entire time all while happily spilling popcorn and pepsi all over myself. Not a seat in the theatre was quiet, there were actually parts where you couldn’t even here the dialogue in the film because the everyone in the theatre was laughing too hard.

The story starts off at a birthday dinner that two best friends Kat (Tara Karsian) and Sam (Andrea Grano) attend. Everyone has fun drinking and enjoying the birthday festivities. Afterwards, Kat and Sam decide to pose as a lesbian couple and go to a fancy couple’s therapy place for a weekend getaway. When they get there they meet the other couples who are all different and eccentric. There’s an older weird couple, a gay couple, and the people who run the place themselves are  eccentric hippy style people. All throughout the film Kat and Sam engage in hilarious antics that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

Not only is the film absolutely hilarious and original it also tackles tough real-life issues that people don’t talk about enough. The film tackles sensitive issues like homosexuality and equality that don’t get talked about enough in everyday media. The movie also goes into details about the absolute brutally mean things that people say to each other in fights. But the film also shows how too completely opposite people can fall in love with one another after being friends for years. The really beautiful thing about this film tackling these issues isn’t just that they talk about them, but in the way they are brought up. They’re brought up in a light-hearted funny way that will make you laugh and then really ponder about the scene.

Another thing about this movie that was absolutely perfect was the cinematography. There were a lot of cool shots like after the dinner scene when the shot switches to the fireplace. Another really cool scene was an over head shot of when Kat and Sam realized that everyone was above them watching them during their entire fight. That shot along with the music and dialogue just blended perfectly together and had everyone in the theatre in fits of laughter. The use of music was also a highlight of the film. The music in the film matched perfectly with the vibe and the tone of the scene and actually made it that much better and funnier to watch.

This is a film that you really have to go out for yourself and see to understand how funny it truly is. This is one of the few comedy gems of the year. So if your looking to watch a brilliantly written film and have a blast at the same time, then this is the film for you.

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