Outstanding Director Award (SBIFF ’14)- David O. Russell


David O. Russel was the Interviewer and Interviewee.
His Last 3 films have received 25 Oscar Nominations.
Jennifer Lawrence is a gift.

He spanks the monkey, then American Hustles.
He not only likes when people suffer, but he likes to see what they suffer for, what are their passions, what are their worlds, what are their colors?

This is a cinema of emotions and opera of the human condition,
there are no bombs, car chases or gun fights,
but human drama, drama, drama,

and every range in the spectrum must be captured, which is why David hides
in closets, sheds and backseat of cars, where he shoots from

screw Video Village!

The holy trifecta of directing and filmmaking is character emotion, camera movement and music. When you hit those three, that’s magical. That’s what we’re trying to do. That’s why we’re there.

Oh David, J- crew Suits and Warby Parker Eye-glasses, please keep making movies, and being so funny,
please don’t become mean again, I did not like Huckabees.

– keyvan yaldai

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