SBIFF 2014: Producer’s Panel


“Movers and Shakers”

producers are people who love movies and lots of money

Dana Brunetti, for instance, the producer of Captain Phillips, is a real-life Vulture, flying out to meet Capt. Phillips mere hours after he was rescued.

Joey McFarlane, who produced Wolf of Wallsteet, talked about reigning in “Marty” and keeping costs down, about how he was the one that told the DP to keep rolling when McConaughey was thumping his chest in that King Kong manner.

Charles Raven probably had 1 million dollar bill in his pocket, I don’t know, probably.

Ron Yerxa was weird. Ron Yerxa was funny. Ron Yerza wants you to see Nebraska, the film he produced, because it has only grossed 16 million at the Box Office

Wolf 300, Captain 200, poor Yerxa.

– keyvan yaldai

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