Cinema Vanguard Award (SBIFF ’14) – Scorsese & DiCaprio


Holy crap, is that Marty Scorsese?
Is that Leonardo?
Is that, sir Jonah Hill?
OMG, did DiCaprio just get his crotch grabbed?

Yes, it was packed, it was splashy, it was that kind of night.

The twin pillars of wealth, Gatsby and Wolf
a 5 film -deep collaboration,
DeNiro: “Hey Marty, this kid’s good, you should check him out.”

Growing up, DiCaprio, how did you learn about film?
So, I quickly gave myself a film education. I watched three or four films a day, for what seemed like a year.

Revealed that Gangs of New York, The production was filmed at the large Cinecittà Studio in Rome, Italy.

The first thing Marty said was that he didn’t know anything about aviation, but that he didn’t know anything about boxing either, and he did Raging Bull.

Raging Bull is the kind of film that makes you want to quit being a filmmaker, it’s poetry, it doesn’t get better than that- why even try?

They asked DiCaprio, why Non-Fiction? why everything based off of something else?
“‘Cause you don’t have to make so much sh#$% up”

That’s what he said.

What a glitzy night.

With most directors who have been making films for 40 years, their films get a little slower and a little more stately, as they get older. The Wolf of Wall Street has more energy than any film you’ve ever made. What was that like to do?

SCORSESE: He was laughing. We had a good time.

– keyvan yaldai

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